Have fun, Enjoy, & Cherish.
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My friends are the ones who keep me going.

I need to be honest with myself.

I wish I can sleep forever.. Seriously…

The things I do to make people happy… Yet they don’t know how I feel. 

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I lost my appetite when I thought of you and now I’m eating desserts because they’re sweeter than you.

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I feel lost, where do I stand?

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QueenEsther was hereeeee(:<3

Who knew things can change so fast…


Once we look back, we miss the good moments we had with others. Time passes by way too fast. Things keep changing, nothing stays the same, nothing last forever, & life goes on. We make the best out of life, cherish the good times, enjoy every laughter, & we will never forget the people that made an impact on us. 

This pain, it hurts. Please free me from it…

Those simple texts that make you smile.

& you wonder why and how?

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When someone say I love you to me

I really don’t know how to respond back because I’m not gonna say it if I don’t mean it. I don’t throw those three words around that easily.  Even if they’re joking around, I just can’t find a way to say it back. It’s difficult, I guess that’s just me?

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"I hate my parents"

If you were to hate your parents, does that mean you hate your life and yourself? If it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t have a life and experience all these different feelings as a human being. You would of never met these lovely people that are in your life. You would not know how it feels like to hate or love someone. Your parents had a choice, a choice to bring a baby to life or not. If you think about it, your parents been through similar situations as you. They know that life wont be easy for anyone but they try to make it the best for you. What they want is to protect you and make sure you’re safe. You’re their most precious thing in the world. With out us, they have no motivation to live on. We are their motivation, love, family, children, baby, and it goes on.. They wake up everyday because of us :)

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Bitches be trippin over nothin

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It is sad when you find out your friend talked shit behind your back. That’s what you call a two face. Do you think it’s wrong when you never said anything bad about a friend and you find out he/she did? When others came to me and said bad mean things about you, I never agreed or talked shit about you with them. I didn’t care, I didn’t judge, and I sure did not talk behind your back like you did to me. Now that I found out, are you really a friend? Why the fuck would you do that? Not only you did it behind my back, you’ve been doing that to many people. I understand why everyone say these things about you. Now I know why. 

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When you’re going through hell, people seem to show up and pretend to care.

When you’re at your worst, the people that were never there for your other problems seem to appear out of no where, and pretend to give a shit about what you’re going through. I think that is funny. They text you saying that everything will be okay or what every other person would say to someone when they’re at their worst. They only send you a few text and that is all, or maybe if you get lucky enough you might be able to text/talk to them for the rest of the night. After that night, they stop. If you’re only going to be there for me when something horrible happens, you might as well not. Don’t pop out of no where to show some love and care just because that person is going through hell when you didn’t show up for any other problems they went through. They’d rather have someone that has always been there for them and not someone that shows up like a groundhog.

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